Will Ivanov capitulate for the third time?

Published on 07/02/2018 by tvstanici

Will Ivanov capitulate for the third time?

The current political situation with the change of the constitutional name and this time the subject of discussion by Eftov and his interlocutor. For the former mayor of the municipality of Karposh, the agreement with Greece is only a reference to senior European politicians. How many goals did she receive, and how much will Macedonia receive yet. Will this deal generate additional problems?
With the entry of NATO, Macedonia will lose control of Krivolak, which will lose control of 10% of the territory of Macedonia.

Eftov finally asks: Who has a mandate to negotiate the name Macedonia? and who has the right to change the name of our country? Where is the end of history that takes the right to take such steps. Is all of this just a reference to the further career of the involved European officials whose mandate ends in a short time.

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