Where is the Colored Revolution planned

Published on 05/21/2018 by tvstanici

Where is the Colored Revolution planned

In the show “In Center” with Vasko Eftov revealed a lot of interesting information and is one of the episodes that should be seen with great care.

Guest in the show is the former Croatian Admiral Davor Domazet – Bad, a man who was the creator of the “Oluja” military action during the 1990s war between Serbia and Croatia, as well as a man who is considered a great connoisseur of the geostrategic states in the Balkans and the world.

The issue will address the geostrategic points of the Balkans, the colorful revolutions, including the one in the Republic of Macedonia, where it was initiated and what purpose it was implemented.

In one part of the broadcast, the Admiral also talks about the plan for Greater Albania, which was conceived as far back as 1987, with the intention of launching it from 2015.