What will be the path to NATO membership?

Published on 06/30/2018 by tvstanici

What will be the path to NATO membership?

Macedonia is expecting a working summer – accession talks with NATO and EU screening. How much is the government ready to deliver key reforms?

Aleksandar Nikolovski: Bujar Osmani said that we have a date, but he does not say who is that date as he has manipulated the public so far. The disappointment is that we did not receive a definite date this year and the decision is moved in one year.
There is an informal agreement of Osmani with the Albanian Minister Bushati Macedonia to join a group with Albania to go with the same pace back behind Serbia and Montenegro.
Prime ministers and leaders of European countries do not want to be at the same table with a prime minister who asked for one euro for the Vic’s one for the church.
Macedonia is lucky after many years to gain an international focus on the many crises. The interest in resolving the name was great, but the government did not use it and made a bad deal. Greece has hired over 60 experts, and Macedonia has only one expert late.
We knew the necessary reforms from Priebe in 2017 in the security services, no serious steps were taken, we had zero reforms, we totally retarded economically.
It is symptomatic that there is no procedure for the new officials, nor for DUI officials who took part in the government, but now received amnesty with a political agreement.
Frosina Remenski: It is a fact that we received a crystal clear recommendation to start the EU negotiations in July 2019, and just like other countries have to spend the year-long screening and fulfillment of the given tasks, it’s no disappointment.
These party accusations are an attempt to cast a shadow over the current successes we have been waiting for for generations in the European integration. 11 years have done huge damages in the judiciary, security and human rights.
This would have been nice to tell Gruevski, Mijalkov, Chavkov, not relativizing things, you made a wreck in the security system.
Responsibility for April 27 may be for some political market, and therefore the EU clearly demands clearing this case. We must not cultivate a culture of impunity and that must stop.
The citizens of Macedonia will ultimately decide on the name, the agreement, the future in the EU and NATO, the referendum is above the explanation of the MPs in the Assembly.