What should Macedonia fulfill for EU and NATO membership?

Published on 06/28/2018 by tvstanici

What should Macedonia fulfill for EU and NATO membership?

Macedonia got a conditional start date for start of negotiations with the EU in June next year. For power success, the opposition capitulation. What will Macedonia need to fulfill?
In 24 Analiza, guests are: Stevo Pendarovski, NATO National Coordinator and former ambassadors Ljupco Arsovski and Muhamed Halili.

Tomorrow we are sitting tight for an official declaration from the NATO central station in Brussels that Macedonia will be allowed an official welcome at the following Alliance Summit in Brussels on July 11 and 12, said the National Coordinator for NATO Stevo Pendarovski at the 98th ROS-ROT Seminar held in the Macedonian Parliament.
Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg will report what Macedonian natives have been sitting tight for quite a long time. It will be the last phase of our relationship with the Alliance, remembering that the Republic of Macedonia is a notorious record with 19 rounds of the NATO participation activity design, said Pendarovski.
Meanwhile, as he stated, Macedonia demonstrated a lucky level of opposition, strength, considering that it was twice on the edge.