What are the expectations of the NATO Summit?

Published on 07/10/2018 by tvstanici

What are the expectations of the NATO Summit?

Two key events related to the country’s strategic foreign policy priorities. In two days, Macedonia is expected to receive an invitation to start accession talks for NATO membership, a pre-conditioned date for starting negotiations with the EU. Tonight in Top Topic on your side review of the expectations from the NATO Summit and interview with the first Minister of Defense, Dr. Trajan Gocevski. We are projecting the timetable for the processes that follow in the EU, and on what are the perspectives of the name agreement an interview with the MEP from Greece – Stelios Kouloglu.

Trajan Gocevski: The changed geopolitics dictates to NATO. Relations between the United States and the EU are not high. The NATO summit will largely depend on US President Donald Trump.
Now, as never before, NATO members need to coordinate attitudes.
Due to the expansion of NATO’s shield, Russia’s nervousness is remarkable. ARM worked quite a lot. There were over 100 rotations with four thousand soldiers. The invitation was justified at the Bucharest Summit. The Trump administration enormously increased the budget for the military, which is reflected in the debates and conclusions of the Summit. Macedonia as a Balkan state needs an additional security guarantee. In 1991, the debates between Serbia, Croatia and Greece were about dividing Macedonia. Ghosts can always reappear in the Balkans. By joining NATO, Macedonia will become a politically and securely stable country favorable to foreign investment.