What are the chances of succeeding “Republic of Ilinden Macedonia”?

Published on 05/21/2018 by tvstanici

What are the chances of succeeding “Republic of Ilinden Macedonia”?

What are the chances of succeeding “Republic of Ilinden Macedonia”? Does the government play only one card, everything or nothing? Is it possible for Greece and Macedonia to come out as winners? Is the EU truly interested in the European future of Macedonia? Debate
Gordan Georgiev, Aleksandar Krzalovski and Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration Bujar Osmani.

Bujar Osmani: We must distinguish between the essence and the form, and how much the new name will be used, if there is a good solution, it is less important.
The basic principle of bargaining is until there are agreements that nothing is agreed upon, if you drop out an option scatters the entire package.
And the Albanians make a compromise, the Macedonians do, and the Greeks should do it, we will get everything, we will lose everything.
In this package for the language stands Macedonian with translation Macedonian into English, for citizenship stands Macedonian / Nationals of the Republic of Ilinden Macedonia.
The Albanians were most sensitive to the Macedonians, but the risks that grieve over staying out of the NATO security umbrella have exceeded them.
Beginning of negotiations does not mean membership, but the beginning of this process, we and the EU can be reformed in parallel.

Gordan Georgiev: Prime Minister Zaev’s move was spectacular, although the deal that Tsipras has achieved has begun.
The “menu” that stands at Nimetz’s table is not so attractive and it will not be good to come back.
The proposal Ilinden Macedonia is good and does not put it in an offensive position. Greece irredentism can be found in any proposal.
The leakage of the proposal, the Republic of Ilinden Macedonia is negative, it removes the cubes that are in favor of the enemies of Macedonia.
It is irresponsible that Mitzkoski immediately rejected the proposal after the leader’s meeting without any analysis and providence.
I am against uncritical optimism because then the descent will be difficult.
In Greece there is an elementary misunderstanding of what Macedonia is and these factors are not unimportant.