Vodno pipeline, Rally of Vmro – DPMNE

Published on 06/05/2018 by tvstanici

Vodovod pipeline, Rally of Vmro – DPMNE

Vodno, the lungs of the Skopje valley. Pastures, forests and other animal and plant life make it an ideal refuge from Skopje’s urban chaos. But the mechanization of the field and the insight in the documentation for the route from the pipeline that should pass through Vodno, have triggered strong reactions from the civil activists. Among the loudest is Andrea Yankov, an architect who claims that Vodno is threatened with an ecocide.

“Actually he goes from Aracinovo to Drachevo, and from Drachevo he goes to the municipality of Sopiste, where he leads by the way to the inscription you can see, and continues …”

With Andrea we passed the part of the route for the main gas pipeline, which the NGOs say is most vulnerable to the dense and picturesque forest, but also to the endemic species of insects and plants on Vodno. The plan is to set the pipeline along the ridge of Vodno, but due to the configuration of the terrain, tree felling is also necessary. Several have already been destroyed only by climbing the machines, and in order to maintain the pipeline, a part of the forest will be permanently re-converted into a dirt-road a few meters wide.

“Behind us, there are trees from a planar forest, which will actually be completely destroyed during the construction of a gas pipeline, to visually capture it, it means approximately five such trees,” explains Andrea, who is part of the civic initiative “Go I want Vodno. ”

The mechanization is located in Bell Kamen, but after public reactions, it seems that the work is stopped. However, the beginning of the performing activities already gives a picture of the consequences for the mountain.

“What we are seeing now is only a surface excavation, which is preparing for that depth, conditionally at 80 centimeters, or 50 in a rock, which in fact, by that blasting the rock irreversibly already destroys, means any paleontology, archeology, insect habitats, etc. irreversibly are being destroyed, “Andrea recounted.

Non-government reactions follow the opportunity to review the project in detail. The main gas pipeline that needs to reach Tetovo and Gostivar, only on the mountain Vodno should be penetrated through a 11 kilometer alignment, from which, according to the non-governmental, 4 km through high forest forest. On the ridge of Vodno, the pipeline should pass the village of Shishevo, and then through the Treska River pass through the village of Glumovo. From there, he continues for Tetovo, Gostivar and Kichevo, with one leg going north, besides Rasche for Kosovo.