Top Tema with Nikola Dimitrov

Published on 06/20/2018 by tvstanici

Guest in “Top Tema” the head of the Macedonian diplomacy – Nikola Dimitrov.

Minister Dimitrov, as a guest in this show among others said:

I expect Greece to send a letter to the European Council and NATO.
It is very important that all member states recognize this chance and send that positive signal to us.
Macedonia is Europe’s greatest chance of a democratic turn. I do not want to imagine a negative scenario.
We will receive the invitation under the name Northern Macedonia.
After the second voting in the Assembly, President Ivanov is obliged to sign the Law.
If the referendum is successful, the president will have to go against the will of the citizens.
You will need a whole study with access to both archives in both countries to create a picture of the course of negotiations.
Sometimes it was negotiated how much to negotiate, not to find a solution.
Both options were open. He hung from the will of both sides. In the end, the agreement was signed to sign the ministers.
The reaction of the opposition in both countries shows how deep the problem is.
At the end of the process, the new name will be used in all documents.
As a new chapter opens, the documentation and correspondence will change.
The built-in protection mechanisms, the steps in the contract are a guarantee.
There is no greater patriotic duty than Macedonia to stand on its feet. I do not allow threats and accusations to reach me.
The referendum will show what the people want.
A compulsory referendum requires a 50% response plus one. We do not have time to clear the voter list. The census is very high.
There are additional consultations to decide whether the referendum will be compulsory or consultative. Depends on how the opposition will be set up.