Survey: Ratings by political parties and their leaders

Published on 05/31/2018 by tvstanici

Survey: Ratings by political parties and their leaders

For a year from the term, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev did not reach the triple score for the work. According to the latest poll of Telma and MCIC – the citizens evaluated it with a rating of one to five of Prime Minister Zaev gave an average score of 2.87. For the most part or unit, Zaev received 26% of the respondents; 22.2% – gave him a triple 15.5 – four; 15.2% – five; and 14.4 percent – a couple. However, if tomorrow elections are held, his party would receive the election according to the poll. Is Zaev deserving another mandate, which is the rating of politicians …. But also for the first time measuring who is a winner, and who is a loser in the recent duel Zaev – Mickoski.
The poll was commented by analysts Vladimir Bozinovski, Albert Musliu and Saso Klekovski.