One year Government – Prime Minister Zoran Zaev

Published on 06/11/2018 by tvstanici

One year Government – Prime Minister Zoran Zaev

Prime Minister Zoran Zayev at the town hall debate will answer questions from business and academia, civic organizations and students.
One year government – a year of change and great expectations or big disappointments. Is the focus of the strategic foreign policy priorities and the name solution undermined by the expected necessary reforms? What is accomplished, and where did they fail?

Zoran Zaev: We announced already in the public, we left for tomorrow to talk again, to make the historic step forward. My optimism here exclusively tells you maybe be accomplished, a lot of expertise, professionalism of the state institutions that were part of these negotiations. To get a fair deal, to strengthen our identity, to sit side by side with the most powerful countries in international institutions.
Zoran Zaev: I do not know what Kodzijas is now saying for an interview in Greece, it’s okay to arrange the details first, all the elements to be assembled, and then publicly announce what we have agreed, because we have not hiding for nothing yet.
Zoran Zaev: For such issues of national character important for the nation, it is necessary for all political parties and all factors, all communities to stand together. Everyone will be informed, even from the opposition, I expect support for EU and NATO accession
Zoran Zaev: MOST’s proposal for my party is the best, but we need to hear all the parties and ethnic communities in order to avoid damage in the votes and democratic diversity, so that we do not have absolutists. One constituency and open lists may be difficult and will not achieve uniformity on the entire territory of Macedonia.



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