Interview with Minister of Health Venko Filipce

Published on 07/03/2018 by tvstanici

Interview with Minister of Health Venko Filipce

What reforms are urgently needed in public health, will the salaries of healthcare workers increase, will patients receive better health care services? The final project for the construction of the new Clinical Center is expected, how will this solution look and how much it will be ready? Will the work of the emergency service improve if new equipment will be procured? When the other regional clinical centers across Macedonia reach the order. For all these dilemmas and needs of the citizens, your interview with the Minister of Health Venko Filipce.

Venko Filipce said among other things:
There will be additional investment from the budget and this amount should be increased in order to have quality healthcare for better infrastructure, higher salaries and new equipment.
We can not change the image of public health overnight, so we took revolutionary steps, with bigger salaries for doctors, the trainees were paid, and the location of the new clinical center changed.
There is no need to hurry with the construction of the Clinical Center in order to get a poor quality and dysfunctional solution. According to the current dynamics for a year and a half we can start with designing, and up to five years and finish the construction with all standards.
Part of the medical equipment was purchased without any plan and analysis, without knowing what benefit the patients would have and whether we had adequate staff for it.
PET center now operates with only 5% of the capacity. We need to make a new model of operation. The main apparatus is little used, so we will need to find a foreign or external partner for the production and sale of isotopes from which we will have great benefits.
We plan centralized procurement regardless of how clinics work now; such models already exist in the neighborhood, so that we can get a greater quantity at a lower price and better plan those materials in order to have no drug deficiency.
There is nothing to hide, no backdoor games, all civil society organizations are invited to participate in any tender procedure in the whole process of procurement of quantities and evacuation.
Part of the non-medical services are already external, staff training will be provided and it will be determined, for example, how food will be served, and we are constantly following this process.
It can not be sure that the reconstruction of the City Hospital will give a high quality, that investment will not continue because the location is dumpy and there are no conditions for more, so it will be moved elsewhere.