Interview with Ljubco Georgievski

Published on 10/13/2018 by tvstanici

Interview with Ljubco Georgievski

I want to believe that a possible twist in the Parliament is possible. If I listen to the SDSM camp, it seems that everything is over. If we listen to the VMRO-DPMNE camp, nothing will happen. I wish to find a common language.
The fact is that there is a large group of citizens who voted and supported the deal. I hope that the Parliament will succeed, I think it is wrong to waste time with sources.
The elections do not believe they will make a decision. The election will again be reduced to what is FOR, and who Against the agreement, just like in the referendum. I think that with elections we will only confirm the deadlock. Risk is the election because they can bury the agreement and the international community give up on us. VMRO-DPMNE expect that it will continue to behave populistically. It may even happen that the president refuses to grant a mandate. Therefore, I think that elections are a hard way.
And SDSM should make efforts for direct talks, to see what the VMRO-DPMNE wants.
Mickoski has scarred with Gruevski, I do not know how this is true, but this is what is being said. This leadership continues to follow the wrong policy of VMRO-DPMNE. They think it’s a patriotic line, for me it’s quasi-patriotism. They behave like the problem of the name is not their problem, how it was invented by SDSM. They approach the problem only for lucrative reasons, know that people emotionally experience the issue, and ride on that map. The illusion is that we will be able to continue as the Republic of Macedonia, which in the future would have to sign the same agreement. Only party interest is seen.
Absolutely that lawmakers can be intimidated, they can be under various pressure, from citizens, from state, from power, from the party. It exists. The problem is that the VMRO-DPMNE had an elegant solution, calling for the citizens to come out in a referendum and to call them to vote against. Now they have a once again elegant solution, giving them free choice of lawmakers to vote as they please. The release should come from the party.
VMRO-DPMNE does not understand that this problem is theirs. Here, fall this government, they come, and what will they do ?! What will the international community say ?!
It is not disputed that if a compromise was to be made with Greece, Northern Macedonia should be for external use only. When I negotiated, I negotiated only for international use. From a lot of patriotism, we have done the greatest damage. We have many patriots and here we have flushed the chance, it is only for outdoor use. But I do not see that as a disaster, it is more technical issue, it is not essential.
We take care of minorities since the constitutions in Yugoslavia, from which we declaratively care for our minorities, where did we get them ?! Nowhere. We’re just doing damage to other states with that claim.
We were in the midst of the biggest clash between the West and the East after the Cold War. In that collision, either we will sit on the table and we will solve the problem, or we will sit in the center of the table and we will be the problem. The worst thing that can happen to us is isolation of Macedonia.