Interview with Jean Asselborn, Firefighting System Before the Collapse

Published on 07/05/2018 by tvstanici

Interview with Jean Asselborn, Firefighting System Before the Collapse

In the last edition of “360 Degrees” on TV Alsat-M for this season:

Translated from the verdicts of the Supreme Court of Greece rejecting the request for extradition of Gruevski and Boskovski: the documents throw a new light on the case.
Interview with Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn, who rescued a meeting of the EU Council on Tuesday and mediated on compromise conclusions on Macedonia and Albania.
The fire fighting system in Macedonia before the collapse – equipment from Hitler’s and Mussolini’s time, the number is twice lower than the legally stipulated;
Researching how “miraculous and healing” the water really is: the microbiological analysis of some of the most popular sources has shown that the waters are not drinking.

New Sabotage.

Translation of the verdicts of the Greek court that refused the extradition request of Gruevski and Boskovski.

The verdicts of the Greek Supreme Court rejecting the request for the extradition of the two fugitives Goran Grljevski and Nikola Boskovski have been subject of debate in Macedonia for a long time. In particular, the basics for making the decision and the possible consequences on the lawsuits in the cases of the SLI that are ongoing in the country.
Until this time the analysis was based on the statements of the lawyers that the judgments in Greece are based on the principle that once a pardon can not be withdrawn, mentioning the Court’s decision in Strasbourg in the case of Alexa v. Slovakia.
The verdicts have not yet been formally received by the Macedonian Justice Ministry, but were published on the website of the Greek Supreme Court in anonymised form. Guided by the motive of assumptions to turn to a debate based on a factual situation, we have translated the judgments for Gruevski and Boskovski with an authorized court translator from Greek to Macedonian.

The pre-collapse system before the collapse, equipment from the time of Hitler and Mussolini, the number is twice as low.

In anticipation of the fires season, we are opening the question of the installation of the fire protection system in Macedonia and its effectiveness.
We visited several of the fire brigades, we talked to the most famous and the conclusion we came up with is that the situation is staggeringly bad.
If the law and standards require at least one fireman for every one thousand and 500 inhabitants, in Macedonia there are twice as less. Nothing is better than equipment.
One of the outcome solutions under consideration is that the local system is back under the control of the central government.