Calling from Brussels, Political youth in Macedonia.

Published on 05/29/2018 by tvstanici

Calling from Brussels, Political youth in Macedonia.

In the new edition of “360 Degrees” on TV Alsat-M.

Calling Brussels on the latest developments related to the name issue. How did the working breakfast for Macedonia go with ministers from EU member states, said by skeptical France and the Netherlands; short interviews with Austrian minister and Macedonian Foreign Minister Karin Keynes and Nikola Dimitrov.

Consequences of the verdict of the Greek supreme court for not extraditing Goran Gruevski and Nikola Boshkovski – the defense asks to stop all processes against the pardons of Ivanov and Macedonia; the position of the former judge in Strasbourg, Mirjana Lazarova Trajkovska, and the lawyer Petar Vasilev.

What is the role of political youth in Macedonia.

New Sabotage.