Branko Geroski – Jadi Burek

Published on 06/28/2018 by tvstanici

I’m hunting down a system and I’m truly disillusioned – few of the general population who transparently and straightforwardly bolstered the Treaty with Greece, including my littleness, oppose making arrangements of “supporters” and “adversaries” of the Treaty, in the purposeful publicity ideal models of intensity.

To whom are these “dark Stalinist records” doing what they appropriately call Joci, one of the individuals who reprimand the Treaty? These are records that, in the psyches of the individuals who encounter orgasmic joys when understanding them, really erase the contrast between the previous government, amongst Gruevski and Zaev. Subsequently, paying little respect to the way that Zaev and the general population from his surroundings as a rule separate themselves from such articles, they do it so much that they get the feeling that they assume liability and political harm from such dark purposeful publicity. Why, just they know …

I might want to accentuate that while this time I am on the “white rundown”, I am embarrassed about the way that I have been enlisted by any means. My name is manhandled in a moronic division that is pushing a stupid one, a whore who, other than being absolutely unmindful of the subject, has definitely no feeling of basic reasoning, a battle against postulations and direct opposites, for subtleties … Among his verbal savagery and viciousness of the individuals who are dissenting before parliament in parliament, there is no critical distinction.

On the off chance that there is an “e” of popular government in this general public and if there is a “r” of progressive attention to the adjustments in the brains of those individuals that, before the fall of the administration of Gruevski, I challenged before the legislature and before parliament, our basic commitment to win we secure the privilege of individuals (and particularly scholarly people) to unduly reprimand the Treaty with Greece. We are before a choice, which will be gone before by confronting the contentions of the two sides. To be specific, keeping in mind the end goal to make things obvious, what might the late Mladenov say move toward becoming clearer …

In that name, my dear companions, I acknowledged the welcome to be available at the “Eat Burek” appear by Janko Ilkovski (Wednesday, 20:00), a show in which the “conventional” visitors of Janko (Latas, Milenko and friends) and his actual gathering of people, I have been offended and spit endless circumstances. The time has come to cover the “military tomahawks” and face people in general smoothly to confront the contentions. Everybody’s own. So let the general population choose when the time wants it.

Along these lines, I believe that both the legislature and the SDSM ought to fearlessly and freely camouflage themselves from making boycotts of rivals of the Treaty. Let us not be tricked by the statements that these are episodes of “some there” that have nothing to do with them. This reason has since a long time ago fizzled. Everybody has effectively figured out how things run with us.