Antonio Milososki and Nano Ruzin, expectations from the summit in Sofia

Published on 05/16/2018 by tvstanici

Antonio Milososki and Nano Ruzin, expectations from the summit in Sofia

What are the expectations of the Sofia summit? Will there be an agreement and solution to the dispute with Greece? Will Macedonia receive an invitation at the NATO summit? Antonio Milošoski and Nano Ružin are debating.

Antonio Milososki: The name of the Republic of Macedonia is not a problem for Greece, the problem is internal. They do not have the capacity to recognize minorities. Greece has always played on the deluge card, for example, is the requirement to amend the Constitution. Greece Requires a lot, it’s not the fault in Macedonia that has no solution yet. Macedonia needs to think well. Let’s not make a concession to start negotiations and stay in a corridor like Turkey. The German CDU is clear, there is no EU enlargement by 2027.
Greece seeks the rule of law and does not respect the interim agreement. I’m not optimistic. I am sorry that we will not receive an invitation for NATO membership at the next summit. Nobody saw the document from the meeting in Davos, nor did Koszyas’ proposal and the answer to the Macedonian side. Solidarity can not be sought when we do not know what is happening, we do not know the procedures. I do not expect an essential solution before the NATO summit.

Nano Ruzin: Zaev broke a great iceberg in relations between Macedonia and Greece. The number of actors in the dispute is much greater than we think. And I’m against changing the name. Macron’s enthusiasm over EU enlargement is shrinking. Macedonia must continue with reforms and negotiations. The European does not tolerate a lack of political culture. Greece is a bad and spoiled player. Greece has a crisis of identity. We need to have flexibility, we stand in place. I think that the dialogue should continue. We have a favorable position. Zaev should be given support.