Aleksandar Nikolovski in Jadi Burek

Published on 06/27/2018 by tvstanici

Aleksandar Nikolovski in Jadi Burek

VMRO-DPMNE vice president Aleksandar Nikoloski in the show “Jadi Burek” said that at this moment the main game of Zoran Zaev and Nikola Dimitrov is not a referendum or an agreement but a denial of VMRO-DPMNE and to declare the party to be radical.

He pointed out the example with the painting of the headquarters by a basketball fan group that is financed by a municipality under the leadership of SDSM.
Zaev and Dimitrov would now be happiest VMRO-DPMNE to radicalize, to be VMRO excluded from the European People’s Party, to put VMRO’s leadership on the European black list and the United States and they have a pashal here. But we will not give that pleasure. The citizens should be aware that VMRO-DPMNE stands, stood and will stand on the bumper of Macedonian national interests, says Nikoloski.
Nikoloski emphasized that VMRO-DPMNE should be a relevant political party, and this is achieved by communicating with the international community, but also with all those who make decisions in the country.
According to him, the alternatives are either VMRO-DPMNE not to exist or to be in opposition for 15 years, and worse things can happen in that period.