TV TERA Bitola

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TERA television is one of the first private commercial TV stations in Macedonia. It started broadcasting of programs on April 7, 1993. The first few years as a local TV station covered by its signal Bitola and from 1996 postavuvanje additional transmission network, has expanded its visibility covering Pelagonija region (Bitola, Prilep, Krusevo, Demir Hisar environments). TERA Television was one of the first TV station that launched their own campaign against piracy, she created an authentic expression TV numerous TV stations in Macedonia later started to apply. The results of research ratings and ratings for many years positioned in the top 10 TV stations in the country. It is oriented towards the production of informative programs, entertainment shows and documentaries projects that were known for their artistic value and treatment of marginalized subjects. In particular was the importance of engagement in multiethnic projects from the first moment affirmed multiligvalnosta of different ethnic communities. The program orientation of TERA Television derives from its character of commercial TV station expressed informative profile. Thus defined and program belts. Priority in outlining the program has informative program. The new concept of this TV station firmly decided to carefully treat local problems, the value of total living that exclude affiliation daily current political options. By persists autonomic approach to be an expression and reflection of the development needs of the community. For this defining its mission is the interaction with the audience. Television treatment of the current situation in the region except in news publications, appears in magazinskite, talk show programs which regularly involvement of citizens. Here it must be emphasized decades mission of this TV station in the treatment of ethnic issues and the development of inter-ethnic relations. There are numerous examples of TERA production that is related to the common values ​​of the union, not the razidinuvanjeto and appropriate behavior towards the qualification of certain phenomena and events.

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