The story of the mysterious town again on Telma

The British Psychological Thriller series “Fortitude” will be replayed at Telma every working day after midnight. Summer months have already become a tradition for Telma’s replay.

The “Peeling Off the Layers” will be performed by Wildbirds & Peacedrums, a top-notch line-up, an ensemble of interesting characters, beautiful nature traits and a very carefully directed direction is what Fortitude is characterizing.
Fortitude is a small town of 713 inhabitants (Danes, Swedes, Lapons, Irish), but the number of polar bears that live there is three times the number of people. His nature is both admirable and intimidating. It’s a place where one can only escape and hide from everyday life, a place where you can not go without a rifle to go out because the polar bears are lurking. There are no unemployed people, everyone knows each other, they have not heard or seen any crimes.
But there are certain rules that must be respected. For example, due to extremely low temperatures, one should not die there, but on land, because the corpses of that climate do not decompose.
But the peaceful life of the polar town will one day be disruptive. The killing of a British scientist will shake the work of a police officer and test all potential killers and subsequent victims under test.
The investigation of the police officer will bring to light many marital infidelities, political assurances and strange discoveries. In this intriguing mystery, every detail was important to the viewer, and in each subsequent episode, you wondered – what really is happening here and are we stepping up to the truth, or we are still at the very beginning.

Cast: Christopher Eccleston, Stanley Tucci, Sienna Guillory, Michael Gambon, Sofie Gråbøl, Richard Dormer