The singer Vlatko Ilievski died

Macedonian singer Vlatko Ilievski (33) was found dead in his car “Toyota” last night around 11 pm on the boulevard “3rd Macedonian Brigade”, informs the Ministry of Interior.
An on-site inspection was performed by a public prosecutor and saw a team of SVR-Skopje, and on the order of the Public Prosecutor the body of the deceased was handed over for post-mortem.
According to the preliminary information, the late pop singer Vlatko Ilievski did not see any traces of violence, the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office of Skopje announced.
The public prosecutor issued an order for the post-mortem post-mortem, as well as guidelines for collecting traces found on the spot where the expert’s report will be submitted.
The vehicle is sealed and also handed over to the expert. All actions are undertaken to determine the causes of death, the BPPO said in a statement.

Vlatko is the third Macedonian representative of Eurovision who died

Macedonian singer Vlatko Ilievski is the third Eurovision representative from Macedonia who died. In 2011, Vlatko Ilievski represented Macedonia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Germany with the song “Rusinka”. Previously, Macedonia was saying goodbye to Macedonian music star Tose Proeski, who was killed in a road accident on Croatia in 2007. Tose represented Macedonia at Eurovision 2004 with the song “Angel si ti”. Macedonia remained without Esma Redzepova, the queen of Roma music, who was the representative of Macedonia at Eurovision together with Vlatko Lozanovski in 2012, with the song “Before Being Disappeared”. Esma died in 2016.