The movie Amok (macedonian “Dzgan”) soon on Television

Two years after the premiere of Macedonian cinemas, the first movie performance of director Vardan Tozija will finally experience his television premiere. It is about the film “Amok”, which besides having filled the cinema halls around the country, has won numerous awards and recognitions at several film festivals around the world.

The news for the television premiere has been shared on the official Facebook page, and the details about the date and the channel on which you will be able to see this great film achievement will be announced shortly.
Macedonian producer of the film is “Dream Factory”, co-producer of the film “Red Helicopter Films” from Albania. The film is financially supported by the Film Agency of the Republic of Macedonia, and the film network SEE (SEE Cinema Network).

The main roles are interpreted by Martin Gjorgoski, Deniz Abdullah and Nikola Ristanovski. In the film from the rest of the cast there are Sara Klimoska, Ljupco Todorovski, Adem Karaga, Goran Stojanovski, Igor Stojcevski, Boris Damovski, Maria Kondovska, Sasa Cinikic, Risto Burazedenov and Martin Zivkovski.