“Prespav” with a replay of the first season on “MTV”

On the eve of the third season of “Prespav” and at the request of the audience, MTV 1 broadcasts recurrent editions of the 40 episodes of the first season of the popular sitcom. The series is broadcast every working day, from Monday to Friday at 9:15 pm, and the next day at 4 pm.

“Prespav” is the first Macedonian film project, which has achieved great success and popularity in the past two seasons. In addition to television screens, the YouTube channel attendance of the series has reached over 4 million views. The metaphorical “Prespav” pension reflects the Macedonian society in which citizens are witnessing similar situations in the past transition times to the road and the desire for membership in the European Union. The Balkan mentality is broken in the characters, from which we can not escape the citizens, with the desire to become a better “European” society in which we want to establish new standards and principles.

In the first season, the cast includes: Jelena Jovanova, Tijana Dapcevic, Igor Angelov, Vlado Jovanovski, Igor Stojcevski, Vasil Zafirchev, Goran Stojanovski and Adrian Aziri.