“Nashata Deniz” on Sitel from Monday to Friday

“Nashata Deniz”  on Sitel from Monday to Friday

The television mega hit “Karasevda” with the new season exclusively on Sitel continues from autumn, and in its place at 22 o’clock began the broadcast of the new Turkish drama “Nashata Deniz”.
In addition to the many summer and entertainment content on small screens this summer, this series manages to offer the required dose of love drama for all the candy of this genre. True drama is followed by viewers of Sitel Television every night, and Macedonia is one of the first countries to buy out the rights for this new production from the country of the Bosphorus.
How the episodes pass, it becomes more interesting and more intriguing, but how did this drama begin? For all those who follow the series, we remind you of the main thread of the story … and all those who have not looked at it will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the story and engage in the story of the sadness and pain of our Deniz.
At the very beginning of the novella, we are getting to know the main heroine – Deniz. Denise is a modest and smart woman. A woman who seems to have anything else she would like – a rich life in a big villa shared with her husband and two children. She trusts all the people in her vicinity, not knowing that it is precisely those closest to her that can swallow a knife in her back, and that’s quite a surprise. One of them is her friend Julia … and one of them is her husband Alikhan. Julia will encourage Shebnem, an employee of Alikhan’s company to launch an affair with him, and he, Alikhan, will not be able to resist Shebnem and in secret, he will betray his dear wife Deniz.
Blinded by the passion for Shebnem, Alikhan will decide to leave everything behind, to leave his wife and children, to sell the company and go away with the mistress.
And only a few days after his departure, Deniz loses all the wealth and remains alone with his old father and his two children. Left alone and disappointed, for Deniz, however, life must continue. She has no choice but to try to give her the best for her children and take them on the right path.
All together they will have to move to a poor neighborhood, but that will not be like her little daughter. For “Nashata Deniz” and her children, there are difficult times in adapting to the new way of life, and on the new road, she met Mary, who became her savior and a man who would teach her to truly love.