MTV will replay movies in prime time

After finishing the World Cup in football, MTV will replay movies in prime time

Once the terms of the football craze matches have been left without sport, MTV will reprint the feature films every night. The first of the repertoire is Perfetti sconosciuti, which will be shown tonight, Sunday, July 15 at 21:00.

Italian drama comedy by Paolo Genovese who will ask us – do we know enough of our close friends enough and can we sense their secrets?

During a dinner, seven friends convinced that they do not have any secrets between themselves, decide to play a dangerous game. Each one must put the mobile phone on the table, and all messages and calls become public. They try to prove that they have nothing to hide from each other, and the naive game turns into something completely different. Inflatable messages are a sufficient indicator of how little they actually know about their partners and friends, which seriously disturbs the pleasant atmosphere that has been.