Avalon production for the first time faced with amateurism and incorrectness

Avalon production for the first time faced with amateurism and incorrectness

Jax Jones canceled his performance in Macedonia

Avalon production reacted quite angrily to the renunciation of the performance of famous DJ Jackson Jones at Ohrid Calling 2018. What actually happened, read the production address to the Macedonian public and normally what a step we take for this unprecedented amateurism from the famous DJ. In continuation the address of Avalon to the evening guests and the entire Macedonian public:

Dear friends,
We inform you that in the 25 year career of Avalon Production for the first time we are faced with such incorrectness and amateurism.

Just 24 hours before his appearance in Ohrid, the JAX JONES agent told us that he received directions from Jax Jones’s management that he would not come to Ohrid, even though we had a valid signed contract that was completely financially fulfilled! The reason for this is incredible and so far unknown in our many years of work. According to them, Macedonia is a secondary market and they reserve the right to cancel the performance because they have received a certain offer for a market that is primary for them.

To all our appeals that something like this is unacceptable in the music industry, we only received an apology from the agent that he could not do anything to change the decision of the management of Jax Jones. Be free and ask questions about the absence of Jax Jones to him and his management. In fact, the Jax Jones website is still standing to appear before the Macedonian audience.

As we found out, the reason for the non-arrival is the offer to perform on a radio show in Ibiza, at the same time when it had to have an agreement signed in Ohrid.

Avalon Production would not be Avalon Productions, when it would not expressly react with a great deal of defiance to provide a replacement that is even higher than Jax Jones – Salvatore Ganacci!

Although it’s a much more expensive DJ, the prices for the evening are the same.

All that block cards have been made with bracelets, of course, will be valid for tonight, as well as for the Saturday performance of Armin Van Buuren. “- said in the advertisement of Avalon to his faithful audience.